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1.) If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Lilo & Stitch, because it will never cease to make me laugh, or to remind me of how much I love my sister.

2.) Last three books you read?

Bossypants, by Tina Fey

A Single Man, by Christopher Isherwood

The Red Rose Girls: An Uncommon Story of Art and Love, by Alice Carter

3.) A smell that brings back vivid memories?

Heating oil fumes will always get me thinking about my dad going to work. Hearing him walk out the door before I even got out of bed on winter mornings, or playing in my cousins’ driveway in the summer when he and my uncle would get a midday call to come fix an air conditioner- they’d open the garage and there was that heating oil smell again. Heck, my uncle sold the business 10 years ago and that garage still smells like it.

4.) Signature scent?

Bath & Body Works “Japanese Cherry Blossoms.” Or sandalwood. I love me some sandalwood soap. <3

5.) TV show you recently fell in love with?

"Private Practice," believe it or not. Yay, Netflix! What can I say, I’m a sucker for medical shows, Audra McDonald is awesome and Kate Walsh is a very cute redhead.

6.) Something you hate but cannot explain why?

Butterflies. I’m ok with pictures and vids, just… just not live. Please.

7.) Do you believe that life should be lived for you alone and no one else? (You can tell I’m reading Atlas Shrugged I suppose…)

No. If we all lived that way all the time, everyone would die. Infants and other weaklings first, but eventually all of us would die premature, horribly lonely deaths. Humans are a social species; at some time or another we all need each other. That being said, we should each weigh our own decisions about when, for whom, and how much we give of ourselves.

8.) I’m dying to go to Disneyland (Paris resort) I’m tentatively making plans to go for my 25th, do you think I’m too old, and if so why?

ONE IS NEVER TOO OLD FOR A DISNEY PARK. No seriously. I was a very “mature-minded” 18-year-old when I got my first chance to go to Disney World, and it was amazeballs. The rides, the food, the shows, the atmosphere of “Disney magic,” everything was perfect. Also I met Lilo and Stitch, and tears of joy may have been shed.

9.) The world is ending, how are you coping?

Natural disaster or war, I hope I’d do what I could to help my in-group survive. (I’m a follower, not a leader!) Epidemic of some kind, I would most certainly lose my shit. I can watch “The Day After Tomorrow” without flinching, but when “Contagion” hit theaters I used to have to mute the ads on Youtube. *shudders*

10.) Describe your favorite outfit.

My teabag-stained “loose jeans,” my comfy blue stretch top, and the necklace my profe got for each girl in my Spain group when she was in Toledo on free travel week.

I WILL think up my own questions and tag people. But right now my internet’s running slow, and I need to take some Nyquil and get to bed. *sniff, sniff*


andallthatmishigas asked: HAPPY EASTER! I'm very glad you're back! I missed you ♥️♥️



Feels good to be back! :-)

But your book is wrong, Mrs. Strunk, says George, when it tells you that Jim is the substitute I found for a real son, a real kid brother, a real husband, a real wife. Jim wasn’t a substitute for anything. And there is no substitute for Jim, if you’ll forgive my saying so, anywhere. A Single Man, by Christopher Isherwood (1964)

When you are finally diagnosed with your health conditions after months/years of trying to figure it out, so you tell your family and friends.



what is studying

Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me





Elle Woods was hollering back before the movement. This is why i love this movie. It’s so progressive. Elle is a femme feminist who comes by it the hard way. She doesn’t change for the bookish people, the elitists, or for the feminists. She just does what she needs to do, and what she wants, even when at first it was chasing a boy. Then the movie drops the romance. IT DROPS THE ROMANCE. chick flicks don’t do that. Emmett asking her out is a footnote at the very end. And this whole time, she is classy, and lady like, and has pride in herself and her work. She’ll go to a costume party as a playboy bunny, but like hell will she sleep with her professor for an internship. Elle is my feminist role model


I remember listening to my DAD defend Legally Blonde. An uncle was saying “Oh look, it’s that stupid movie again.” as he flipped through the channels. My dad responded with “Oh yeah, that movie where the blonde girl with great grades works really hard to get into pre-law, studies hard and proves herself to her peers and bosses while maintaining her integrity and not sleeping with her boss? What a terrible message to send girls.”

Also, I love this movie because Reese Witherspoon. 


And don’t forget that she has serious female friends and wins the case by way of her specialist knowledge of so-called “feminine things” that no one else takes seriously enough to even bother with.

The movie also passes the Bechdel test.


LET’S NOT FORGET that even though it starts with a situation where two girls are rivals for the same guy, they BOTH choose to ignore the social codes (and hollywood bylaws) that tell them they should be cat-fighting and trying to one-up each other, and instead they realize that they make good working partners and better friends and screw rivalry, AND ALSO HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACKS RE: WORKPLACE SEXUAL HARASSMENT. And that it portrays sororities as places where women can learn to work together and respect each other and help each other out, which sets the stage for the way Elle treats everyone she meets for the rest of the movie. OH AND IT HAS A FAT SIDE CHARACTER WHO OVERCOMES EMOTIONAL ABUSE, IS NEVER FAT-SHAMED OR USED AS THE BRUNT OF A FAT JOKE, AND LANDS THE HOTTEST MAN IN THE ENTIRE FILM. 


Also, Elle still stays true to herself in a professional setting. Even when it’s tough for her, she always keeps being her bubbly, peppy self. She doesn’t let what others say about her stop her from being a kickass lawyer that also is unafraid to express herself how she wants to.

This movie is what made me snap out of my awful “I’m not like other girls” mindset. Specifically, it was my ultra-femme competitive cheerleader cousin begging me to watch it with her because she wanted to share her most favorite movie in the whole world with me. Short version: I got schooled, and I’m so happy I did.

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The inferiority of women is man-made. — American author, activist, and lecturer Helen Keller, June 11, 1916 (via coyotegold)

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